Thief (Creature) Edit


A normal Thief

The Thief is a normal creature that will spawn, they are a human.

Stats: Edit

Health: 15/25HP

Region: Forest

Speed: 2/3 (Slow)

Damage: 5/15HP (Melee) 15/30HP (Ranged)

Movement Edit

They have a ranged attack (Throwing knives), so they move in on the player, until they are close enough, and then they throw their knife and back away and get ready to throw again.

They will also move in a random direction circling the player, and will try to dodge projectiles from the player.

Variants Edit

Choppa Thief

A Thief riding a Choppa

Sometimes a Choppa will spawn with a Thief on it's back, which will drop off if the Choppa dies.

More pictures Edit


Thief throwing their knife at the player.

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